Domeservice - Let us upgrade your stickers with our dome treatment!

Is your stock full of dull stickers? No worries. If you have already printed your stickers and you want to upgrade them with a 3-D coating for more impact, you can send them to us for processing. The stickers must be delivered to us in sheets for us to provide the domeservices. If they’re on a reel we’ll be happy to cut them up for you.


At Stalama AB, a family business, we have been making signs and emblems for nearly thirty years. Today we specialize in exclusive product labeling and we provide production runs in many sizes for companies large and small. We are one of the few companies in Sweden that produces everything ourselves in house, with total control over the manufacturing process and delivery times. 

Do you care about the visual expressions of your brand? Turn to a serious and flexible partner for the best possible results. We’ll help you and your business bring your ideas to life. Feel free to contact us with questions about potential prints, sizes and other issues.  




Stickers that are given the dome treatment!

  • Things to bear in mind when placing your order:

  • Sheet must have a minimum 1 cm edge

  • Decals must have a minimum 1.5 mm radius

  • Space between decals must be consistent and 2 or 3 mm

  • Sheets must be of identical size and format

  • If the format exceeds 12 decals along the short edge, there must be an even number of decals. For example if the sheet is 13 stickers wide, one row will not be domed.

  • Maximum sheet size is 350x500mm

We offer new customers a 5% discount on their first order. With the use of this code: NEWCUSTOMER2018
This offer is valid until 31 December 2018